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Since 2018, Look Within HR has helped small professional service businesses, like yours, create and implement people and organizational solutions to enhance productivity, elevate leadership, and develop workplace cultures that set them apart.

About Look Within HR
Meet Jennifer

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Harris has over two decades of experience providing HR management to corporations such as Microsoft, Washington Mutual and Liberty Mutual. She has supported clients across the United States, Asia and Europe, relishing the opportunity to face new challenges and connect with clients across the globe. Prior to a career in HR, Jennifer worked in the fields of government and politics.

After 15 years of HR management in larger corporations, Jennifer realized that her calling was to share her HR experience, tools and knowledge with professional service small businesses that generally don’t have the opportunity to work with a strategic HR partner. Soon after leaving corporate America is when Jennifer’s calling was realized in the form of Look Within HR.

What sets us apart?

It’s about knowing and understanding you and your business.

First and foremost, our approach requires that we understand the business goals you are working toward. From there, it’s critical we gain a sense of what is valued at the company and how work is accomplished. This helps us appreciate your company culture. Once we are aligned on your business goals and company culture, all of our consultation, guidance and coaching is done in support of these two elements.

We provide our clients with a confidential, supportive and non-judgemental space to work through the HR challenges in their business. Our approach is customizable with the commitment to meet each client where they are at that moment in time.

Did we mention, we love people! After all, this is the field of *Human* Resources. Identifying and leaning on each individual’s strengths and preferences is what can really make a business successful. In support of this, we utilize our knowledge and passion for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Personality Assessment. This is a tool Jennifer is certified to facilitate and administer which helps individuals and organizations of all kinds improve their interpersonal awareness, communication and teamwork skills.

What sets us apart
Jennifer coaches her clients to develop strong managers

Jennifer coaches her clients to develop strong managers

Jennifer believes that company culture starts at the top with the business leaders and works its way down throughout the organization. When you create a healthy and supportive culture your team will thrive. This is the best way to attract top talent, foster loyalty, and inspire outstanding performance. Jennifer’s specialty is looking at a company’s organizational systems to determine maximum efficiency and create opportunities to highlight the talent within.

Since 2018, Look Within HR has been committed to helping small businesses create and implement organizational solutions needed to enhance productivity, elevate leadership, and develop workplace cultures that set them apart. We believe in building business relationships with the core values of trust and respect for your employees. When they thrive, you thrive and together you’ll be unstoppable!

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